North West Poets

New Poetry from the NW of England


NWP is a network of published poets who live in, or who have lived in, the North West region. Poets with other strong connections to the area are also welcome to join us.

Our focus is on the written word, rather than on performance. We meet once a month in alternating cities but attendance is not mandatory – we are a collective of poets more than anything. Our meetings are informal gatherings of poets who want to discuss poetics, write poetry, and give and receive feedback. Sometimes, we plan new projects and publications. We also chat, eat and generally have fun together!

If you would like to join NWP, please contact us through this website or send a message to Lindsey Holland on Facebook. Please don’t send membership requests to our Facebook group. You should include brief details about your involvement with poetry and/or a short publication history. You can also send us an example poem or two, if you feel these are necessary. We ask for this because we are a selective group. As such, we do need to ensure that all of our members are published and are keen to focus on written poetry. We look forward to hearing from you!


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