North West Poets

New Poetry from the NW of England


Sculpted front cover

Sculpted front cover

How is a region created and defined? How does it shape us and how do we, in turn, shape a region?

Sculpted is a definitive, ground-breaking anthology of poems by 62 of the North West’s best contemporary poets. As diverse as the area that inspired them, the poems dig beneath the skin of the region: its towns and cities, countryside, industries, history, geology, and above all, its people.

The North West is a hotbed of poetry. If you want to know why, read this book’.
— Carol Ann Duffy

‘The North West is the magnetic gathering point for these 62 notable poets. In Sculpted we are treated to a heady display of individual styles and voices unified by an extraordinary landscape
and its ever unfolding narrative’.
— Geraldine Monk

‘The Lake Poets are history; if you really want to take the poetic pulse of the North West, read Sculpted, a salty sassy anthology of England’s top left bits’.
— Daisy Goodwin

‘The poems are gritty, witty, wise, anarchic and tender when needed’.
— Mike Harding

Launch Events

Sculpted launched around the region in 2013.

Buy the Book

Sculpted is currently out of stock while we source a second run from a new printer. Please contact us, or check back here, if you’d like an estimated date for when it will be available. You’ll be able to order it from this website, via Paypal.

Sculpted is published by NW Poets in paperback. (ISBN 978-0-9575393-0-3) priced £10. It features 62 poets and over 200 pages, with an introduction by David Morley.

About North West Poets

NW Poets was founded in 2011 as a loose grouping of experienced and emerging poets to workshop their poetry, and to share and collaborate. The Sculpted anthology is the first publication by NW Poets and showcases a large number of our members.


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